Project Unchained is evolving!

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You’ll see categories above like “Leadership,” “Self Awareness,” “Travel…” These things are some of the building blocks, experiences and skills needed to Unchain Yourself and live the life you want.

This is changing! I seek to speak with artists, see what your life is like, what your challenges are… As I delve deeper into my art, I want to give back and grow an artistic community!

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I practice business and entrepreneurial skills as well as art skills. Click here to share your story and help me help you! As I become more talented and successful in art and creation, I seek to give back and create a community to help all creatives! Or some in a certain niche! Right now I am collecting information to hear how art professionals like you are! How is your lifestyle? What are your challenges? I want to know as much as possible so I can help as much as possible, and create a community which is actually USEFUL!


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