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Project Unchained shows my journey into seeking the good life, building my own lifestyle, supportive habits and exploring the world.

I seek to offer a resource to you so you can sculpt your lifestyle out of your allotted stone, bit by bit until you have a life you’re proud of.

You’ll see categories above like “Leadership,” “Self Awareness,” “Travel…” These things are some of the building blocks, experiences and skills needed to Unchain Yourself and live the life you want.

Want to be part of our Facebook Lifestyle-Sculpting support group? Email me at ProjectUnchained@gmail.com. I only admit people who are a) ambitious and b) willing to invest in themselves to build the life they want. So tell me an ambition you have and one way you’ve invested in yourself!

Project Unchained involves relaxing seductively
… and relax in AirBnBs


Continue on for tips, tricks and interviews! I will undoubtedly lose my way, run out of money on a venture, run out of gas and into trouble on trips, and need to crawl home with my tail between my legs. I guarantee I will fail a few times. Success in anything that matters, especially in creating a freedom-based lifestyle, involves failure. I will write about that internal exploration in addition to the external.

What Project Unchained is about

If you are inspired to travel and persue your dreams after you read my atrocious posts, my job on this earth is done. My people on my planet will proceed to beam me away. Please, please encourage yourself to travel and follow the life you want


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